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Kenya’s agro-economy accounts for about 24 per cent of GDP and 74 per cent of employment (GoK, 2008). It is a key sector in the economic pillar of the Kenya Vision 2030 and one whose functions have been devolved by the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. On 4th March 2013, the devolved government transferred much of the at least 10 separate sub-sectors to county governments. These are crops (both industrial and food), horticulture, livestock, fisheries, land, water, cooperatives and marketing, environment and natural resources, regional development, and development of arid and semi-arid land (ASAL). 9 years later can we take stock of this transfer of function and budgets? Has it been a hit? Miss? Mixed bag? The Elephant in conversation with Dr Abraham Rugo Muriu, Country Director, International Budget Partnership Kenya.