Election 2017: Did Kenya have an election in August?

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A conversation with Dr Noah Akala, Deputy Director of Campaigns ODM and Dr Nyangasi Oduwo, Mombasa County Governor Economic Advisor

  • Catching up with the conversation. Kindly improve on the sound! It’s somewhat ‘roomy’ / confined.

  • Jeff

    If these fellows are speaking the truth, then we are in a big hole. The problem is that they look genuine.

    • These fellows have submitted “a truth”. Whether it is “the truth” is an entirely different question.

      Democracy is “Plato’s cave”. As you have no real criterion of measure, the shadow master creates minions and monsters for you at will, demons and angels.

      When we were kids and then “Kenya Powerless & Lightless Company” would have us in the dark, we enjoyed creating fighting shadow monsters with the candlelight.

      We’re the shadow monsters real?

      Trust me, for a three year old with the right sound effects they were very real.

      Without an Ideological criterion, you have no objective anchor, you are blind. Even your fellow cave dwellers can therefore terrorise you with shadow monsters.

      • Shalom

        What do you mean by ‘a truth?’ Hasn’t the court ruling & the documents they’ve displayed today proved them right?

        • You talk about #SCOK ruling? I wish you hadn’t introduced that farce into our discussion which is a pure quest for truth. (I’m saying that ironically)

          #Democracy is such a joke, I find it hard to understand how any of us is continuing to accept it’s intellectual leadership.

          Atleast the guys in the video submit evidence and argue their positions. How do we decide substance of truth by voting!? How did we get here? Why don’t we flip a coin too? Maybe a two out of three will tell us the truth.

          If you liked at the entire process, it was about clever argumentation and defense NOT about establishing the truth. That the nature of the legal system. If I accuse you of something false, and you are poor at defending yourself even if the judge knows it is false he has no business establishing the substantive truth, he just buries you. So the legal system is not a measure of truth on any level, it is simply about who won.

          A Commission of Inquiry or Inquest as I understand is the proper legal tool in Secular Democracy for trying to establish “truth”.

  • Stephen

    Love this. Kindly create a soundcloud stream for all podcasts as well. Voice quality nayo.