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Ethnic Black legislator, Park Cannon was arrested in the former separatist US state of Georgia after attempting to attend a secret far-white ceremony at Governor Brian Kemp’s statehouse office during which the whitewing official signed into law measures meant to restrict voting by minority tribes.

The laws are part of numerous bills being pushed by the opposition-controlled, far-white legislatures across the troubled, ethnically divided, covid-ravaged, North American nation after anti-math Shite Christianist leader, Donald “Papa Don” Trump, lost in shambolic, violence-filled presidential elections in November last year.

Shite Christianists are an apocalyptic sect who believe Papa Don is the true Covfefe who will defeat the Al Jibra network and stop the use of Islamist math to impose Sharia Law on the country.

The new laws have fueled mounting concern among international observers for the future of democracy in the corrupt, banana-exporting republic which has suffered waves of ethnic violence amid a deep humanitarian crisis that has claimed 550,000 lives and left millions without enough to eat. Last week, at least two people were killed and eight more injured, as security forces confronted ethnic militia in the strategically located city of Virginia Beach, just 250km south-east of the barricaded coastal capital, Washington DC, scene of the failed January 6 Day of Pigs putsch.

The breakdown in moral order has not spared the country’s journalists with TV anchor, Chris Cuomo, caught using his connections to jump the line for covid tests. His brother, Andrew Cuomo, is the beleaguered Governor of the disease-ridden state of New York, in the relatively stable north-eastern part of the country where the UN has its headquarters, who has refused to resign despite multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

In another part of the fragile, crisis-prone, first world nation, the supreme court in the state of Minnesota, where nearly half of all women and girls experience sexual violence in their lifetime with most victims suffering their first sexual assault before turning 25, has ruled that rape of unconscious women is not necessarily forbidden. The court overturned the conviction of a man who had been accused of raping a woman who had passed out from drinking, saying that it was legally not rape because he had not forced her to get drunk.

Seemingly oblivious to his nation’s problems, aging, autocratic, moderate white ruler, Joe Biden, who has been in office for less than three months, is already looking forward to his campaign for re-election in 2024, dimming hopes for desperately needed reforms. Biden has however said he will continue to use dictatorial powers to keep guns from the fanatical far-white Shite Christianist extremist opposition supporters in the nation’s covid-ravaged interior. At the same time, the 78-year-old millionaire, the oldest elected ruler in the G-8, continues to court international opprobrium following revelations that he plans to spend KSh11 trillion on new illicit nuclear missiles in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Across the Atlantic, 10 people were arrested and an unknown number injured in the UK city of Bristol as baton-wielding police descended on peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators demanding the despotic Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, respect human rights and especially the right to peaceful protest. Johnson has attempted to impose restrictions on political rights in a bid to prevent the Caucasian Spring revolution rocking sub-Scandinavian Europe spilling over into the tribally-divided island kingdom, where political tensions have been rising due to a severe flavour shortage occasioned by the Brexit peace deal. Polls show that more than three-quarters of of the Atlantic islanders find deal with sub-Scandinavian Europe unpalatable.

Despite this, the corrupt Johnson regime plans spend KSh18 billion on a dubious “Festival of Brexit” to popularize the deal, which will include a “celebration of British weather”, another source of misery for Britons who have been barred from fleeing the island.

At the same time, the reclusive Near Western kingdom’s ruling family has engaged cosmetic surgery specialists to make Prince William, the second-in-line to the throne whose teeth have suffered least from the bland traditional diet, the “sexiest bald man on the planet“. Analysts say the royal family, which has ruled the island for generations, is seeking to revamp its global image after damaging allegations of racism levelled by William’s brother Harry and his wife.

Meanwhile shocking new figures have exposed the scale of exploitation of crisis-racked, debt-ridden, ethnically-divided nations of sub-Scandinavian Europe by powerful international players as the covid-blighted region continues to export more vaccines than it has administered to its citizens. Embarrassed by the media reports, incompetent police in the crime-ridden mafia state of Italy added insult to injury after a highly publicised vaccine-smuggling bust turned out to have snared a factory engaged in legitimate production of covid vaccines meant for suffering Europeans.

Further south, after promising a shift in the culture of brutality and sexism in the colonial outpost, which prides itself as a land down under where men plunder and vomit, Australian strongman, Scott Morrison, has defied calls to dump ministers Christian Porter and Linda Reynolds from the front bench, with the pair to remain in cabinet in new portfolios.

This follows a string of scandals exposing the regime’s systematic covering up of the sexual abuse and harassment of Australian women by its employees. Fresh reports of staffers performing solo sex acts on desks of female MPs added to the woes facing the Prime Minister, who has been condemned for refusing to institute a probe into accusations that Porter committed a rape more than 30 years ago.

His regime has also been accused of covering up a rape in Reynold’s office as well as sexual harassment by senior aides to cabinet ministers and members of parliament. Two years ago, Morrison was forced to issue a national apology to thousands of victims of child sex abuse in state institutions in a nation where every 1 in 6 adult women report experiencing at least one sexual assault since age 15.