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The media and the ruling royal family in the corrupt, reclusive, ethnically-divided, island kingdom of Britain have this week been rocked by allegations of racism following an interview given by estranged grandson of reigning nonagenarian monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and his wife. Speaking to talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry, who following a grandiose family tradition only goes by one name, and Meghan Markle, his wife of African descent, said the royal family was worried their baby would not be the appropriate skin colour.

The revelations will come as no surprise to those familiar with the country’s colonial past during which it imposed racist, apartheid administrations on societies across the globe but have caused shock and indignation among ignorant islanders who have deliberately been kept in the dark about the atrocities committed in the monarchy’s name. A campaign of destruction and concealment of historical records, as well as the creation of an entrenched personality cult around the Queen – the national anthem is a prayer for her long reign and her face is plastered over banknotes and coins – has led to widespread romanticization of the imperial past.

“The Queen is not a racist and has never been a racist. To even suggest that she might be is disgusting,” declared one of the diseased kingdom’s most prominent broadcast journalist, Piers Morgan, who suffered an on-air emotional meltdown after watching the interview, leading to his resignation from his job as the host of one of the most watched morning shows. Similarly. Nigel Farage, a former politician who championed the destructive Brexit peace deal with 27 countries mostly in sub-Scandinavian Europe which has occasioned a severe flavour shortage on the island, was also shocked into disbelief, repeating the false dogma that “nobody in the world, in history, has done more for people of color than the British royal family”.

It was a sentiment echoed across the beleaguered nation, which faces separatist movements in the tribal districts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, with polls showing that a majority in the country wanted Harry and Markle stripped off their royal titles. Within the royal family too, Prince William, Harry’s elder brother and second in line to the throne declared he had never experienced any discrimination on account of his skin colour.

At the same time, the UK treasury says taxpayers on the corrupt island, who have already been immiserated by inclement weather, bad food, massive graft and job losses to covid and Brexit peace deal, must bail out the Queen after the value of her rental portfolio fell by just 0.4% to KSh2.6 trillion. According to Forbes, the royal family is collectively worth nearly KSh9 trillion, with the Queen sitting on a personal fortune of over Ksh50 billion in properties, art and jewelry. The monarchy also owns The Crown Jewels, a collection of crowns, rings, scepters, vestments, and more, valued at over KSh400 billion, much of it looted from colonies, including two of the world’s biggest diamonds, “The Great Star Of Africa”, mounted on the Queen’s scepter, and “The Second Star Of Africa” mounted on her Crown. In the meantime, the British economy experienced its biggest annual decline in 300 years in 2020, at 9.9 percent the worst in the G7.

Meanwhile, in the brutal, corrupt and xenophobic British colonial outpost of Australia, there has been a public outcry against embattled whitewing strongman, Scott Morrison, whose regime is awash in allegations of sexual impropriety and graft, after he admitted that he did not seek legal advice from the country’s solicitor-general regarding an independent inquiry into allegations of rape made against his attorney-general for fear it would contradict his wishes. The Prime Minster has refused to institute a probe into accusations that Christian Porter committed a rape more than 30 years ago.

The defence minister Linda Reynolds has also been engulfed in scandal after calling a former media adviser who alleged she was raped by a colleague in Reynold’s office in March 2019, a “lying cow”; and a senior aide of a member of parliament has also been accused of sexually harassing several teenage girls. This comes just two years after Morrison was forced to issue a national apology to thousands of victims of child sex abuse in state institutions in a nation where every 1 in 6 adult women report experiencing at least one sexual assault since age 15.

The culture of violence on the colony, which has a history of committing terrible atrocities against its indigenous population and asylum seekers, is also impacting its fight against corruption with all the women who made up half of the leadership of the anti-corruption commission in the state of Victoria forced to leave due to sexual harassment and bullying.