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Stefan Ouma, Eugen Pissarskoi, Kerstin Schopp and Leiyo Singo

Eugen Pissarskoi is researcher at the Ethics-Center of the University of Tübingen. In his research, he analyses normative disagreements about socio-ecological transformations to Sustainable Development. More on his research can be found here. Kerstin Schopp is a research associate at the International Ethics Center (IZEW) at the University of Tübingen. Her research focuses on Tanzanian smallholder farmers’ conceptions and ideas of sustainable land use, sustainable bioeconomy, and a good life. You can learn more about her work here. Stefan Ouma is a Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. He has published widely on global commodity chains, agrarian change, the financialization of food and agriculture, and African political economy. He has been a recurrent contributor to You can learn more about his work here. Leiyo Singo is a PhD candidate at Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS), University of Bayreuth, Germany. His research combines interests in critical agrarian studies, degrowth and decoloniality. He is particularly interested in seeking to understand how pastoralists (one of the most marginalized groups in Tanzania) articulate their own imaginaries for sustainable economic and ecological futures (“seeing like a pastoralist”). He is a frequent blogger here.