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J. Bordera, F. Valladares, A. Turiel, F. P Vilar, F. Prieto and T. Hewlett

Juan Bordera is a journalist, scriptwriter and activist at Extinction Rebellion Spain and València en Transició. Fernando Valladares holds a PhD in Biological Sciences, is a research professor at the CSIC and winner of the Jaume I Prize for Environmental Protection. Antonio Turiel has a PhD in Theoretical Physics, a degree in Mathematics, is a research scientist at the CSIC and an expert in energy. He is the author of the recent essay Petrocalipsis. Ferran Puig Vilar is a Telecommunications Engineer, has worked as a journalist for 30 years and specialises in the climate crisis. Fernando Prieto holds a PhD in Ecology and is director of the Observatory for Sustainability. Tim Hewlett holds a PhD in Astrophysics and is a member of the Scientist Rebellion collective.