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A ball of fire burns along busy Ronald Ngala street as Kenya’s street protests enter their second week.
A father and his daughters share water to quell the effects of teargas at the protests
An armed member of Anti-riot police unit stands atop a police vehicle as bystanders look on.
A member of the fourth estate evacuated to safety after he got injured while on duty during the street protests.
A middle aged man drags his bicyle laden with multiple country flags and messages of patriotism during the protests.
A spent bullet cartridge on the streets after the police fired into the crowds.
An injured protestor is evacuated to safety after a teargas canister exploded next to him.
Anti-riot police vehicle punctured its tire, as they drove towards the demonstrators
Crowds run away from escalating violence at the Central Business District.
Gen Zs lit candles and held a vigil for those killed, before resuming protests in the Central Business District.
Security guards man the entrances of a number of shops in town to prevent looting and vandalism.
Journalists joins forces with police to clear debris, and reopen roads blocked by protesters
Protestor mounts a motorcycle while fire burns close by. Flags were a notable feature during the protests.
Protesters draped in the Kenyan flag chant close to the frontline during the protests.
Protesters record the events as they happen during the protests. The hyper visbility of cameras has been a key feature of these protests.
Plain clothes police officers join their counterparts to put out fire along Moi Avenue in Nairobi. Citizens decried the use of plainclothes officers by the state.
Police deploy water cannon on protesters to drive them back every time they surged forward. A number of the cannons broke down during the protests
A protester with a whistle and a placard takes a stand against the rampant corruption.
Stopping traffic, one rock at a time.
Teargas canister blast ignites a roadside Shoeshine stall in Nairobi Central Business District
Tom Mboya’s statue draped in a face mask, placard, and water bottle by protesters as a symbol of resistance.
Vuvuzelas, rocks, and whistle as protesters chant in the streets at the onset of the demonstrations on Thursday last week
Demonstrators use abandoned stalls as barricades in their cat and mouse games with the Anti-riot police.