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A fire burns on Tom Mboya streets as protesters react to the parliamentary decision to pass the contested Finance Bill 2024
A good Samaritan provides water to those affected by tear gas during the protests against the Finance Bill 2024
A group of protesters take a break to confer with each other in Nairobi Central Business District
A lone unidentified figure cuts through the haze of tear gas. With a towel wrapped around his waist.
A protester holds a banner citing Article 37 on the rights of citizens to assemble during the protests yesterday.
A protester with the Kenyan flag around his neck shouts at the police while atop a traffic lights pole.
A protestor confronts anti-riot police, while holding a spent cartridge in the middle of the protests.
A section of protesters walk around with street signs amidst tear gas and running battles with the anti-riot police.
Anti-riot police create a barrier in the streets as protesters hold banners denouncing the government.
Citizens take a stand outside Kenya’s Supreme Court amidst tear gas as they protest against the Finance Bill 2024.
Police in anti-riot gear look on as a section of the protesters express their rage and dissaproval while matching towards parliament buildings in Nairobi.
Police shut down the inbound lanes on Thika highway to stop motorists from accessing the Nairobi Central Business District for the anti-Finance Bill 2024 protest.
Protestors come to the aid of matatu passengers stuck inside a PSV as police lob tear gas.