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Since March 6th 2021, when former president Magufuli fell ill, apparently, four camps have developed around the power transition. There is The Magufuli deep state, The Samia Suluhu Camp, The Tanzanian securocrats, and lastly, patriots emblemized by former premier Ali Hassan Mwinyi. As moderator Pauline Otieno Skaper, interviewer Iroyem Nyeko, and as panellists Jenerali Ulimwengu, Advocate. James Massawwe, and Shangazi Fatma Karume explain in this 2020 interview, what is emerging in Tanzania though, has roots to a number of forces that have been shaping up over the past 30 years many of which are beyond the influence of the current political players. A Partnership Forum of Rift Valley Institute and Heinrich Boll Foundation.