• Ezra Mbogori

    I love the definition of peace that emerges here. The question is how do we slow our pace down sufficiently and explain these concepts as simply as we can for everyone to understand and embrace the notion of genuine peace and justice to the point of actively pursuing it as a goal that will re-create this nation. How do we make justice our shield and defender? very valuable discussion – I would call this Foundation 101 on peace and justice. Truly stimulating discussion – but we have to muster the patience to listen think and learn and work at generating genuine peace.

  • Mahamoud Haji

    First time I have watched a conversation to the end. A very honest conversation it was. And the colour of thoughts endearing. My take is we are currently experiencing an unstable peace, which the speakers rightly asserted that unless the underlying structural violences are addressed, will continue to prevail. This is regardless of who is the captain of the creaky ship.