The Elephant

Chakula Mashinani

By Jimmy Kitiro

Chakula Mashinani

Chakula Mashinani turns the gaze of our complex national culinary adaptation away from the cities and the urban, mostly educated elite, to the rural life and community.

A banana stockist readies his produce for sell to clients on the Meru Highway.

Buchey Dairy farming in Nanyuki sells milk and heifers. A heifer goes for about KSh.250,000.

A rooster stares through a mesh at a poultry farm in Ruiru.

A dairy cow at Suyian Ranch in Nanyuki.

A farmer weeding his rows of kales at his farm in Kenol, Muranga County.

Harvesting time.

A roadside seller with his stock in Kirigiti area, Kiambu county.

A tomato vendor inspects her stock at Thika market.

Buchey Dairy farm in Nanyuki, famed for its milk and heifers.

Different variety of pepper on sale at Ngara produce Market, Nairobi

Gathue Coffee Farmers members group sort coffee cherries before delivery to the factory.

A section of ripening coffee cherries at a farm in Nyeri.

Rows of Kales at a farm in Mukurweini.

A Maize plantation in Kabarak farm, Rift Valley.

Dozens of cows at the Kiwawa Dairy production milking area.

An ewe and lamb at a sheep farm in Limuru, Kiambu County.

This article is part of The Elephant Food Edition Series done in collaboration with Route to Food Initiative (RTFI). Views expressed in the article are not necessarily those of the RTFI.

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